Friday, 27 June 2014

How to format your memory card if memory card was corrupted

Your memory card can be corrupted or crashed. Try the following steps to fix the problem and recover data off your format error memory card.  

STEP 1: 
Take the problematic memory card out of your cell phone and connect it to another computer (better runs Windows OS). See if the memory card can be accessed normally. Sometimes this way can clear the buffers and eliminate incompatibility and make the card be good working again.

 Still won’t help? Then try recovering data first of all if you have precious files in the memory card. Just connect it to your computer that has installed the file recovery software and then start to perform data recovery.

After you perform memory card data recovery, then follow those steps to format the error memory card on your PC. My computer -> Management -> Storage -> Disk Management -> select the problem memory card and then format it here.

Things are not over. After formatting, re-try the recovery software recommended above to see if you can retrieve more data from the memory card.   Source: fix memory card not formatted error.

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