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How to get unlimited chips in TEEN PATTI

99 Billion chips in octro teen patti
Hi guys here i am sharing a cheat for 99billion chips usable in octro teen patti iphone/ipad. its very simple, u dont need to root ur device. just follow the instruction below.
*.Login with ur facebook account
*.Go to public table first, play a single hand
*.Then create private table with boot value of 100, and invite andy or kiri (sytem controlled bots) play single hand. then leave the table and log off
*.Go to my files/android/obb . and delete the teen patti folder
*.Then login again with ur fb account and u will see 99bn chips in ur account
Thank u. enjoy the game, its 100% working.

How to put password in pendrive without any software

Today i'll show here how to set password on USB/Pendrive with out any software.
Lock on usb helps us in many ways coz if we lost our usb than password on it helps us to prevent Data leaking.
So password on flash drive is necessary. 
So here is a simple steps to Lock your usb.

1. Go to the flash drive, and put everything in one folder titled Flash
2.On a computer, open  notepad (Start+R and type in ‘notepad’)
3.copy the below code and paste it in notepad docement.

type:(Passwordtxt file)@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
title Password

echo Please Enter password…
set /p pass=Pass:
if /i ‘!pass!’==’ENTERYOURPASSWORDHERE’ goto next
echo !pass! is not the password. Try again.
goto START
if exist D:/Flash (
set Jbe=D
if exist E:/Flash (
set Jbe=E
if exist F:/Flash (
set Jbe=F
if exist G:/Flash (
set Jbe=G
if exist H:/Flash (
set Jbe=H
if exist I:/Flash (
set Jbe=I
if exist J:/Flash (
set Jbe=J
if exist K:/Flash (
set Jbe=K
if exist L:/Flash (
set Jbe=L
if exist M:/Flash (
set Jbe=M
start explorer.exe Flash || goto ERROR
echo There was an error opening the file. Would you like
echo to try again???
set /p jam=Yes or No:
if /i ‘%jam%’==’yes’ goto next
if /i ‘%jam%’==’no’ goto seeya
if not defined jam goto ERROR
echo %jam% is an invalid option. Try again.
goto ERROR
echo Well, see ya!
ping -n 2>nul

In password field set your desired password.
1-Once you’ve copied and pasted that into notepad, save as Password.bat in your flash drive 
(don’t put it under any folders)
2-Press START+R and type in CMD. 
3-Then, type in (THe drive is the letter with the colon that is assigned to your flash drive.

attrib Flash +s +h
attrib Flash +s +h

Now, you need to put in the password to open your files.
I know it’s a long process, but you’ll appreciate this. 

Give your feedback please.

All codes of samsung

All codes of samsung attached here *2767*688# = Unlocking Code
*#8999*8378# = All in one Code
*#4777*8665# = GPSR Tool
*#8999*523# = LCD Brightness
*#8999*3825523# = External Display
*#8999*377# = Errors
#*5737425# = JAVA Something{I choose 2 and it chrashed}]
*#2255# = Call List
#*536961# = Java Status Code
#*536962# = Java Status Code
#*536963# = Java Status Code
#*53696# = Java Status Code
#*1200# = AFC DAC Val
#*1300# = IMEI
#*1400# = IMSI
#*2562# = ??? White for 15 secs than restarts.
#*2565# = Check Blocking
#*3353# = Check Code
#*3837# = ??? White for 15 secs than restarts.
#*3849# = ??? White for 15 secs than restarts.
#*3851# = ??? White for 15 secs than restarts.
#*3876# = ??? White for 15 secs than restarts.
#*7222# = Operation Typ (Class C GSM)
#*7224# = I Got !! ERROR !!
#*7252# = Oparation Typ (Class B GPRS)
#*7271# = Multi Slot (Class 1 GPRS)
#*7274# = Multi Slot (Class 4 GPRS)
#*7276# = Dunno
#*7337# = EEPROM Reset (Unlock and Resets Wap Settings)
#*2787# = CRTP ON/OFF
#*3737# = L1 Dbg data
#*5133# = L1 Dbg data
#*7288# = GPRS Attached
#*7287# = GPRS Detached
#*7666# = SrCell Data
#*7693# = Sleep Act/DeAct (Enable or Disable the Black screen after doing nothing for a while)
#*7284# = Class : B****C or GPRS
#*2256# = Calibration Info
#*2286# = Battery Data
#*2527# = GPRS Switching (set to: class 4**** class 8**** class 9 or class 10)
#*2679# = Copycat feature (Activate or Deactivate)
#*3940# = External loop test 9600 bps
#*4263# = Handsfree mode (Activate or Deactivate)
#*4700# = Half Rate (Activate or Deactivate)
#*7352# = BVMC Reg value
#*8462# = Sleeptime
#*2558# = Time ON
#*3370# = EFR (Activate or Deactivate)
#*3941# = External looptest 115200 bps
#*5176# = L1 Sleep
#*7462# = SIM phase
#*7983# = Voltage/Frequenci (Activate or Deactivate)
#*7986# = Voltage (Activate or Deactivate)
#*8466# = Old time
#*2255# = Call ???
#*5187# = L1C2G trace (Activate or Deactivate)
#*5376# = ??? White for 15 secs than restarts.
#*6837# = Official Software Version
#*7524# = KCGPRS
#*7562# = LOCI GPRS
#*7638# = RLC allways open ended TBF (Activate or Deactivate)
#*7632# = Sleep mode Debug
#*7673# = Sleep mode RESET
#*2337# = Permanent Registration Beep
#*2474# = ???
#*2834# = Audio Path
#*3270# = DCS support (Activate or Deactivate)
#*3282# = Data (Activate or Deactivate)
#*3476# = EGSM (Activate or Deactivate)
#*3676# = Flash volume formated
#*4760# = GSM (Activate or Deactivate)
#*4864# = Dunno doesnt work on newer versions
#*5171# = L1P1
#*5172# = L1P2
#*5173# = L1P3
#*7326# = Accessory (I got Vibrator)
#*7683# = Sleep variable (Cool
#*7762# = SMS Brearer CS (Activate or Deactivate)
#*8465# = Time in L1
#*9795# = wtls key
#*2252# = Current CAL
#*2836# = AVDDSS Management (Activate or Deactivate)
#*3877# = Dump of SPY trace
#*7728# = RSAV done# (Everything went to standart but nothing was deleted)
#*2677# = ARM State (None or Full Rate)
*#8999*636# = Have no clue what it is**** i see 20 lines
*#9999# = Software version
*#8999*8376263# = HW ver**** SW ver and Build Date
*#8888# = HW version
*#8377466# = Same HW/SW version thing
*#7465625# = Check the locks
*7465625*638*Code# = Enables Network lock
#7465625*638*Code# = Disables Network lock
*7465625*782*Code# = Enables Subset lock
#7465625*782*Code# = Disables Subset lock
*7465625*77*Code# = Enables SP lock
#7465625*77*Code# = Disables SP lock
*7465625*27*Code# = Enables CP lock
#7465625*27*Code# = Disables CP lock
*7465625*746*Code# = Enables SIM lock
#7465625*746*Code# = Disables SIM lock
*7465625*228# = Activa lock ON
#7465625*228# = Activa lock OFF
*7465625*28638# = Auto Network lock ON
#7465625*28638# = Auto Network lock OFF
*7465625*28782# = Auto subset lock ON
#7465625*28782# = Auto subset lock OFF
*7465625*2877# = Auto SP lock ON
#7465625*2877# = Auto SP lock OFF
*7465625*2827# = Auto CP lock ON
#7465625*2827# = Auto CP lock OFF
*7465625*28746# = Auto SIM lock ON
#7465625*28746# = Auto SIM lock OFF
*2767*3855# = E2P Full Reset
*2767*2878# = E2P Custom Reset
*2767*927# = E2P Wap Reset
*2767*226372# = E2P Camera Reset
#*6420# = MIC Off
#*6421# = MIC On

Here is the Best way to Crack the BIOS password

There are a lot ways to Crack the BIOS password. This is one of them but I would say that this one is more effective than the rest because the rest of the ways does not Guarantee you that it will Crack the BIOS password while in this case the Cracking is Guaranteed since in this we will remove the functionality of password protection of the BIOS.
Follow the steps below:

1) Boot up windows.

2) go to dos-prompt or go to command prompt directly from the windows start up menu.

3) type the command at the prompt: “debug” (without quotes)

4) type the following lines now exactly as given…….
o 70 10
o 71 20

5) exit from the dos prompt and restart the machine
password protection gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to add new password without knowing the existing password?

Want to Hack any xp user account password?
also change it without know exiting password

just go to run
Type cmd-->ok

type net user

Thats all
now you can log on without knowing the current password..

Best Trick to Unlock Command Prompt

Is command prompt blocked in school/College/office?
Do you feel boring in it? want to open?
easy way to Hack it!!

open notepad type
& save it as cmd.bat file.
Click on!
Cmd will open without any risk.. 

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DOWNLOAD "GET tata docomo" application for android

=> follow these steps daily and you will get free talk-time daily

=> just install it and watch 15 second 3 advertise and you will get free 3 minute talk-time

=> It will 1000% work ENJOY !!!!!!

Note: Its only for tata docomo users

to download "GET tata-docomo" application scan QR-code image or CLICK to DOWNLOAD



VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVB for Project 2010 Professional 
BFR7Q-BJJ7T-FB2RC-RQP9G-J78GC for Project 2010 Professional 
22HGX-728MX-BBWX9-7BB8X-J96B4 for Project 2010 Professional 
CQYRY-3KBR3-JW34C-VGH7M-MQM49 for Visio Premium uses
PQCFB-YGXGC-TXB66-DH3VW-GCGYQ for Visio Premium uses

Office 2010 Professional Plus         
MSDN Retail     2J47K-J32XK-4F3BP-QGPF6-G3P6D    
MSDN Retail     6TX3V-WRDJ6-JC34X-BDDPV-6F3PB 

Office 2010 Standard         
MSDN Retail     7TF8R-933DG-MCBQR-TXPM7-G4JRM    
MSDN Retail     6R7J3-K4CB9-PG7BR-TVDBG-YPGBD    
MSDN Retail     6DJK7-G8G3F-FXB42-8V7CW-3R22X    
MSDN Retail     YWFQQ-72JGG-BX6G8-7YWWP-QHQ29   
MSDN Retail     33VGV-WJWK8-X3RFF-JDTXG-9BDG9    
MSDN Retail     GF8X2-9XRHD-FM2W9-WVRTC-7B3PG    
MSDN Retail     GFVR6-3B64G-BWB8P-QDV62-XFV2R 

How to make shutdown VIRUS !!!!! note pad

2.type "shutdown -s" with out quotes the file with .bat extension

4.explaination,u have created a prog which shutdowns the pc with in 30
of executing the file

5. now open "x:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\" (x->is the drive on which ur windows has been installed and USERNAME is the username)

6.paste a shortcut on this directory

NOW WHEN EVER UR FRIEND STARTS HIS PC a count down will start after 30 sec his pc will shutdown
u can also maki his pc restart instead of shutting down.. just replace "shutdown -s" "restart _s"

enjoy.... this is not a virus but look so....

Kaspersky - Without any keys or serials (Update Easily)

Use Kaspersky without any keys or serials and update easily!!!!!

People if you use kaspersky then USE this method!

It's 100% working and it's easy, fast and simple!

With this small download, you'll never worry about your license expiring
and there's no need to activate it...

1)You still get 100 % full working software with this

2)You also are able to download any update for it so your always on top of new virus

3)It's simple and easy to use!

Must have if you own a copy Kaspersky......

1- go To ( Start ) then ( Run )

2- Type ( regedit ) and press ( OK )

3- Go To ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\AVP6\Data ) & Right Click On ( Data ) & Choose ( Permissions )

4- Choose ( Advanced ) From The ( Permissions For Data ) New Window Opened

5- In ( Advanced Security Settings for Data ) Window .. There is a sentnce which begin with ( Inherit from parent ... ) click on the nike or check mark to remove it

6- After Removing the check or nike mark you will get a new message .. choose from it ( Remove )

7- Then in ( Advanced Security Settings for Data ) click on ( Apply )

8- After Clicking Apply you will get a new message choose ( Yes )

9- After That Press ( OK ) In ( Advanced Security Settings for Data )

10- After That .. Press ( OK ) In ( Permissions For Data )

11- After That Make An ( Exit ) For ( KasperSky ) .. & Run It Again

12- You Will Notice That The Kaspersky Icon Is Not ( RED ) But Its ( GRAY ) Which means that the program is not activated

13- But if you opened it you will see al things are working perfect 100% Working

What Happened To The Program After These Steps ?

- You Will update the kaspersky database manually ... no automatic updates

- thw windows security center will tell you that the firewall or\and antivirus is not working ... bec you made the kasper seemed unactiviated


:: Ericsson ::.
Ericson T65
*#05# Fake Insert puk screen Press no to exit
Ericsson T20

Ericsson T20

MENU tecnichal Info
[type] >*<<*<*

Displays :
1] Info service
1] Info SW
2] Info hardware
3] SIMlock

2] Service setup
1] Contrast

3]Service Test
1] Display
4] ringer
5] Vibration
7] Microphone
4] Names List

MENU info
[Type] >*<<**<
Network and Subnetwork : NCK and NSCK
Ericsson T28 Go to Top
>*<<*<* menu Tecnichal info
SW vers. and name list
>*<<**< menu Personal Info
Network and Subnetwork : NCK and NSCK
< and > are the right and left menu's keys
Ericsson T18s/T10/A1018s
>*<<*<* software
CXC125065 Internal product code
970715 1515 Software version and SW rev.
<* CLR <><**
>*<<*<*> Displays texts and messages in the phone
It will be displayed " TEXT " then push YES
< and > are the right and left menu's keys
Control /Enable SIM Lock!!!
Ericsson R310 Go to Top

Technical Info : >*<<*<*
Options :
1) service Info
info Software

2) Service Test

3)Text's name List
Info personal : >*<<**<

SIM Locking ( 8 digits' code ) ( it could harm your phone )
1) Network
2) Subnetwork
3) SP
4) Corporate

Nokia scret code

Imagine ur cell battery is very low, u r expecting an important call and u don't have a charger.

Nokia instrument comes with a reserve battery. To activate, key is "*3370#"

Ur cell will restart with this reserve and ur instrument will show a 50% incerase in battery.

This reserve will get charged when u charge ur cell next time.

*3370# Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR)-Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced by approx. 5%
#3370# Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec( EFR)

*#4720# Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound
but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time
*#4720# Deactivate Half Rate Codec

2 *#0000# Displays your phones software version,

1st Line :S oftware Version,
2nd Line : Software Release Date,
3rd Line : Compression Type
3 *#9999# Phones software v ersion if *#0000# does not work

4 *#06# For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number)

5 #pw+1234567890+1# Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

6 #pw+1234567890+2# Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

7 #pw+1234567890+3# Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

8 #pw+1234567890+4# SIM Card Lock Status.(use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols)

9 *#147# (vodafone) this lets you know who called you last *#1471# Last call (Only vodofone)

10 *#21# Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted To

11 *#2640# Displays security code in use

Game CD Keys

  1. 1503 A.D. The New World serial: 0705-7933859-6725970-0015
  2. Age Of Mythology br Serial: P3HM4-WDM27-662XW-9BPTV-CFVMQ
  3. Al Qaeda Hunting 3D serial: 23822
  4. Back and White Br serial : 0901-3324366-4702210-2081
  5. Battlefield 1942 Serial : 5000-0000000-0000000-1318
  6. Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII: 2gyy-3wlk-8btf-wjur-g277
  7. Battlefield Vietnam: V2W6-54VJ-9R11-XJPV-79CM
  8. Battlefield 2: TW99-NWBV-0PVZ-EAEI-JVTL
  9. BLACK & WHITE BR - 0901-3324366-4702210-2081
  10. Black & White: Creature Isle serial: 1740-9488245-5171152-1858
  11. Chrome (c) Take 2: XTITY-92Y9L-MGPVA-KJ4Z6
  12. CLIVE BARKER’S UNDYING - 2500-0911911-0911911-2705
  13. Comanche 4 serial: 3s2d-flt1-cls2-rule-7865
  14. Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour Expansion:
  16. Command & Conquer: Renegade serial: 056894-929488-118387-9679
  17. COMMAND E CONQUER GENERALS SERIAL: 4963-7882913-5984076-0674
  18. Copa do Mundo FIFA 2002 BR SERIAL: 5500-5827167-6713862-1708
  19. Dark Reign 2 CD Key : GAR3-RAB8-FUP9-NYZ7-2832
  20. Dead Man’s Hand S/N: DEVB-Q7S3-Z5T8-ZGE8-AZ84-JT3K
  21. Delta Force 3: Land Warrior - s/n: N5E3-YXH2-G983-9WYB-B3ZS
  22. Delta Force 4: Task Force Dagger serial: 72YL-R4SB-GKG6-3WKS-HQ27
  23. Delta Force 5 Black Hawk Down serial: QF7S-HZMK-XLXP-CUJN-HDTZ
  24. Delta Force Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre (Expansão)
  26. Serial: AV4E-YVQE-NACM-DD3M-KBW3
  28. Devastation_CDKEY: 5B36F-976AA-6A471-58B8D-92B7B
  29. DOOM 3 CD Key: VB44-6BWV-H6UZ-RRPE-5E
  30. Dominius II Serial: 1111-1111-1111-064
  31. Earth 2150 : Lost Souls Serial : 7XJC-UD2E-E83L-Z5T5
  32. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom Serial : BAC9-RAL8-SAS2-SAX2-9999
  33. Empire Earth: Art of Conquest Serial : GER2-MAN2-RAP2-PER5-2252
  34. F1 2002 SERIAL: 7931-9865028-6024865-1156
  35. F1 champiship season 2000 serial: 2000-5005241-5005241-6839
  36. FA_Premier_League_Manager_2002: 4507-1863659-3033569-5650
  37. FIFA 2003 BR: BL7G-929A-2YXE-UFZZ
  39. Freedom Fighters: PQGY-4FAQ-TMQ5-Q4X8-KXCS
  40. FREEDOM FORCE: 1439-8808778-3837107-2854
  41. Frontline Attack - War over Europe SERIAL: FUBP-EYNZ-KFXC-SKM2
  42. Galactic Civilizations With Bonus serial: DN-500792-GC1-CLS4FLT8XT
  43. GLOBAL OPERATIONS: 5000-0000000-0000000-5021
  44. Ground Control Serial : RAC2-RAL2-CAS3-RAD3-3542
  45. half life couter strike serial: 2462-92319-7642
  46. half life edição especial:UCF1840810021327
  47. half life opposing force serial: 2708-43011-3332 ou UCF1840810021327
  48. HALF LIFE: UCF1840810021327
  49. HALF-LIFE - 2420-92220-4482
  50. HALF-LIFE: COUNTER-STRIKE - 2462-92319-7642
  51. HARRY POTTER : 0901-7014788-4117807-0206
  52. Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup: 3FJA-LVDF-DAJP-34HR-RDEV
  53. HARY POTER E A CAMERA SECRETA SERIAL: 7954-3123341-1387427-3052
  54. Heli Heroes - serial: 8bnk-c9eh-63hb-kj88
  55. Hidden and Dangerous 2: 1234-5678-9abc-dddf
  56. Homeworld 2 (c) SIERRA: NAS3-DEC2-BYJ5-CUJ6-8385
  57. homeworld: BAB2-BAB2-CEZ8-TAC3-9978
  58. Hoyle_Majestic Chess: XYN6-NAB4-FES2-MUX7-3485
  59. IGI 2 COVERT STRIKE SERIAL: 031F-F8D0-6536-B510
  60. James Bond 007: NightFire Serial : 1740-9488245-5171152-5578
  61. Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death: NUN6-GAB2-TAX7-ZYG6-3537
  62. Kelly Slater Pro Surfer Serial: 0f162xa28pg34dhc
  63. Kingdom Under Fire Gold Edition serials: E3VI FP69 HT79 5KVG
  64. Lego Soccer Mania serial: 1500-0776239-9370523-4726
  65. madden nfl 2001: 1500-6610360-1643530-0243
  66. Madden NFL 2004: VMZ9-JXRC-AZOR-J000-1911
  67. Madden_NFL_2002_ CDKEY enter: 0901-5445152-2745753-4827
  68. Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough: L5KB-32WY-B6G5-6747-YQ49
  69. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault CD Key, enter 5000-0000000-0000000-5068
  70. MEDAL OF HONNOR: ALLIED ASSAULTKey: 7931-9865028-6024865-9663
  71. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 - Airport 2002 Volume 1serial use:
  72. A221-A24AABAA-FDBA5DD9
  73. Moto Racer 3: 54e9-a751-1da8-e109-efb3-51f9-d90f-75d0-
  74. 2250
  75. MVP Baseball 2003 CD Key: JNXC-PAPN-KR96-MY5P
  76. nascar 2002 SERIAL: RAF2-RAL2-RAS2-RAX2-6667
  77. NASCAR RACING 4 - GAC7 REB8 TUX6 DAC2 7833
  78. Nascar Thunder 2003 serial: NASC-ARTH-UNDE-RJAM
  79. Nascar Thunder 2004: CLZH-PE48-R9RR-G9ZT-9DSW
  80. NBA LIVE 2001 - 2001-0020601-0010978-6694
  81. NBA Live 2001 CD Key: 2001-0020601-0010978-6694
  82. NEED FOR SPEED 2003: HOT PURSUIT 2 serial: 8249-7EE3-84EW-TXGT
  83. Need For Speed: Underground s/n: SQZZ-2Y44-8AS4-7QSQ-YDEV
  84. Neverwinter Nights serial QFETM-MPU3X-DN6FF-MHFDA-YWARA-4HMPE-RDJTG
  85. NHL 2002: 1000-2003004-0000000-4904
  86. NHL 2004: 6T22-8L62-6666-8666-6666
  88. Operation Flashpoint Gold Upgrade Red Hammer serial M3CZ P5186 XNEYL
  89. CL0T7 513NT
  90. OUT LIVE BR: c9523c-1a4466-237cb8-dc7e67
  91. Pro Evolution Soccer 5: NXUD-PACV-EM2X-KPC9-6AYU
  93. QUAKE III Team Arena - TSBH 7CCG DPWP B2LT 84
  95. Return to Castle Wolfenstein CD Key: CLAL-A7WJ-DTSJ-WARP-88
  96. Rise of Nations:RXVC3-B3347-DVG9X-FTFQF-9M7XT
  97. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 serial: RLDU-M24D-83CX-C8LZ-WDHS-ETND
  98. S.W.A.T. 3 - Elite Edition - TED4-SAB4-DUB7-CYJ2-8652
  99. Sacrifice serial: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  100. Sail Simulator 4.2 Serial : SS42-V7CGQ-9BCGM-4C326-JW25C
  101. Savage: The Battle for Newerth: LB42-Z05V-VK9S-I7BM-58S5
  102. Sega GT Serial : GTJ08010-322007-01723
  103. Serial do Tiger: 1500-3202255-2068109-2932
  104. Shogun 2: CDKEYS = 0901-3721384-6427058-7026
  105. Shogun Total War Serial : 1600-0052410-0052410-6424
  106. SIM CITY 3000 UNLIMITED BR - 5001-9781634-6520278-1000
  107. Sim City 4 Rush Hour *MULTI*: CLC4-5ZU8-6C4S-9W46-LS4E
  108. simcity 4 serial: GRUS-4528-8217-1ULF
  109. Simcoaster serial : 2001-0013101-0010978-2823
  110. SIMGOLF: 5000-0000000-0000000-5071
  111. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE 2: 3Z4J - J3PP - K848 - EWPK - 1F
  113. Spell Force: 08AFX-CGGML-W260D-5RRP0-CVNFD
  114. Spy Hunter Serial: SHU3E7RVCCRBFHSS
  115. Star Trek Elite Force 2 - TFAK-7WCH-44RH-YJ7X-F9E9
  116. Star Trek StarFleet Command : Orion Pirates Serial :
  117. 4008-B491-1DC3-0F6C
  118. starfleet command 3 serial: 0000-0000-0000-K28K
  119. STARTRECK: RYS8-LAB4-JEF8-BYM3-4652
  120. Sub Command: Seawolf-Akula CDKEY: 0901-1315206-2102812-3248
  121. SUPERBIKE 2001 - 1500-4288423-2982915-3163
  122. Team Factor SERIAL: 2NKZYY9-2SKAKSC
  123. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Serial: TTDA-H8VW-KJDV-NNKA
  124. THE SIMS BR - 100486-585530-905808-0928
  125. THE SIMS DELUXE BR SERIAL: 5500-5782961-4067120-2138
  126. 5500-7457886-5179416-4991
  127. throne of darkness serial : RAC2-RAD2-RAC2-RAC2-3387
  128. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 serial: 5000-0000000-0000000-5045
  129. TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 2003 SERIAL: FLTR-0825-9192-1RLC
  130. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4: P4EPBTIQDAIH7WXM
  131. Total Club Manager 2003 serial : 1500127097911060657818
  132. Train Simulator - The Activities Serial: 6850-YV6AYS6B
  133. Trainz serial, enter: RAZO-R9XI-XXXC-XXXT-XXGX-1911
  134. Tron 2.0 (c) Disney Interactive: 9393-L9CN-PRTB-T7N4-5858
  135. Universal Combat Serial: 2B46-97F6-OF33-99BB “Atenção o O podera ser
  136. um 0″
  137. Unreal Tournament 2003 Serial : LYR22-RZ743-A9D7T-CNNEN
  138. War! Age of Imperialism: 1101-8603-2629-7418
  139. Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring: XUF5-JUB2-JAB8-JUD3-4947
  140. Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King: s/n: TMXF-Q23L-LCEG-Y9WW-V94G
  141. Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup: 3FJA-LVDF-DAJP-34HR-RDEV
  144. Q3N6-2X4N-A4EA-NY64-GDEV
  146. 5LM5-M22H-45YT-W88Z-2DEV
  147. C6U4-7A49-4CE2-MUGL-8DEV
  149. KAU4-AVFV-34AK-782Y-4DEV
  150. Y3QQ-TUGW-4NU4-ZG68-6DEV
  151. Hidden and Dangerous 2: 1234-5678-9abc-dddf
  152. Pinnacle Instant Video Album V1.01 Multilanguage: 7777777777
  153. The Sims Num Passe de Magica: U9BK-8XSP-YAG4-WYL4-SDEV
  155. Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death: NUN6-GAB2-TAX7-ZYG6-3537
  156. CIVIL 3D V2004: 400-00000000
  157. War! Age of Imperialism: 1101-8603-2629-7418
  158. Freedom Fighters: PQGY-4FAQ-TMQ5-Q4X8-KXCS
  159. Cakewalk MediaWorks Serial: CWMW1.00-009968
  160. Neato MediaFace Serial: 7135be-1339bd-1a33-5c670
  161. NHL 2004: 6T22-8L62-6666-8666-6666
  162. FQ22-BXTP-FLT!-ELT!-FLT!
  165. A75V-8YSW-JQ75-NE79-LC4W
  167. B233-BN2E-BUL3-87C5-4YZA
  170. RKRR-R3C4-QWP8-QUXI-96KC

Restart your friend’s phone using sms

Here is a new trick to restart ur friends mobile via sms
with this trick only 1110,1110i,1112,1100,2100 can be restarted.
just type
or 79 inverted commas

in text msg and send it to ur friend having cells mention above and see what happens.

Android HIDDEN code

Baked deep into Android is a bunch of secret codes that will enable of a variety of statistics and settings on your device that you probably didn’t know existed, as well as some diagnostic tests you can perform on the hardware.

These settings are not enabled by default, and that’s for a reason. Take care when using these and we’re not responsible if you mess your device up.

1. Get information from your phone and battery, including usage and statistics.


2. Factory format your device


3. Get information your camera


4. Open a file copy screen to backup your media


5. Enter service mode


6. Perform various tests on your device

*#*#232339#*#*- WLAN test

*#*#232338#*#* - Shows WiFi MAC address

*#*#1472365#*#* - GPS test

*#*#1575#*#* - Another GPS test

*#*#232331#*#* - Bluetooth test

*#*#2664#*#* – Touch screen test

Drop us a comment in the section below if you found out any useful information about your device that you didn’t know before by using these codes.

By- Parth Jasani


If you want to hang someone mobile just try this...

open memory card in mobile(file manager / gallery)
make new folder and it`s name will be file_name.ota or file_name.otb
now friend`s mobile will hang... enjoy

NOTE : this trick will not work in android and windows phone it will work on NOKIA mobile like (2600 classsis, x2, x2-01, 2690, 3110, 5130, 2600, etc..)

If you will remove this folder mobile will work perfectly

How to remove?????
=> Use file explorer application or use leptop :D

How to CRACK memory card PASSWORD

Solution 1:
For Symbian Mobiles:
1. Download and Install FExplorer
2. Insert your card into your phone, without accessing it through the phone
3. Run FExplorer and Open the path C:\system
4. Find the file called mmcstore, and rename it mmcstore.txt
5. Copy that file (mmcstore.txt) to your PC and open it in Notepad
6. Your password will be located within that file.

Solution 2:
For Symbian Mobiles:

1. Download and Instal X-Plore
2. Now open the X-Plore and press Zero(0) then check you have marked the
"Show the System Files".
3. After you done the above step now go to the file:
4. If you found the above path then press the option "3" to set the Hex-Viewer.
5. Now look the third column you can see the code like ! TMSD02G (c ??”? x???3?3?3?3?3)
Now see the characters between '?' because it is your password 33333.
6. You mayn't able to access the path file:
if you don't set the password for the memory card.

Solution 3:

For Micro SD:
Put the card in any E series mobile or N95 etc and format it.
It will not ask for a password.

Solution 4:

1. Go to file manager on your mobile
2. In Settings choose system folders,
3. In the System folder, find a file called mmcstore
4. Send the file to your PC using IR/Bluetooth
5. Open the file in Notepad
6. The password you need for your memory card is located within that file

How to format your memory card if memory card was corrupted

Your memory card can be corrupted or crashed. Try the following steps to fix the problem and recover data off your format error memory card.  

STEP 1: 
Take the problematic memory card out of your cell phone and connect it to another computer (better runs Windows OS). See if the memory card can be accessed normally. Sometimes this way can clear the buffers and eliminate incompatibility and make the card be good working again.

 Still won’t help? Then try recovering data first of all if you have precious files in the memory card. Just connect it to your computer that has installed the file recovery software and then start to perform data recovery.

After you perform memory card data recovery, then follow those steps to format the error memory card on your PC. My computer -> Management -> Storage -> Disk Management -> select the problem memory card and then format it here.

Things are not over. After formatting, re-try the recovery software recommended above to see if you can retrieve more data from the memory card.   Source: fix memory card not formatted error.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to connect 2 leptops

Hi friends i tried with the below procedure and it worked .. so am posting this for future reference..:)
1.  Insert IP address in both computer . 
  •  Open control panel window.
  •  Choose Network and Sharing Center button.
  • Then you find a pop up box of Network and Sharing Center.  Here, click on Change adapter setting.
  • In Network Connections Pop –up Window, right click on correctly installed LAN Card hardware adapter in your computer and select its properties.
  • Then Local Area Connection (LAN) properties window is appearing. Choose Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) button and click on properties option.
  • Now enter IP (Internet protocol) address in both computers manually according to below and select OK Option.
First computer (computer name – NAVIN – PC) 
Enter IP Address: –
Enter Subnet mask: –
Second computer (computer name- ABHISHEK – PC)
Enter IP Address: –
Enter Subnet mask: –
  • After inserting IP address in both computer properly, restart it.
  • when computer will load windows 7,  click on start search box and type network. click on this link.
  • In network tab, you find all connected computers in networking under similar workgroup.
How to share computer drives to transfer files over network ? 
When both computers are showing in network tab and want to share computer drives
  •  At first, open computer explorer window of the first computer, press right click on opted drive partition which we want to share with another computer over network.
  • From drop down menu list, choose share with option.
  • Now select Advance Sharing button.
  • A new tab of opted drive properties is appearing. click on Advance Sharing option.
  •  check this box –  share this folder option and now click on ok button.
Now we have done drive sharing in LAN networking successfully.

How to crack BIOS

Open your computer. This method is for desktop computer users. Unplug the power cord from the back of the computer. Remove the case so that you have access to the motherboard. The motherboard is the main board of the computer, everything is attached to it.
  • Be sure that you ground yourself before touching anything inside your computer, otherwise you might short a component.

Find the BIOS jumper. There are dozens of jumpers on the motherboard, so be sure that you are locating the correct one. Refer to your motherboard’s documentation to double-check. The jumper covers two of the three pins that control the BIOS password.
  • The jumper may be labeled CLEAR CMOS, CLEAR, CLR, JCMOS1, PASSWORD, PSWD, etc.
  • The jumper is typically located on the edge of the motherboard or physically near the CMOS battery.
   Move the jumper. To reset the BIOS password, you will need to move the jumper that is  covering two of the three pins. On most systems, moving the jumper over one pin will  change it. For example if the jumper is covering pins 1 & 2, move it so that it is covering pins  2 & 3.
  • Some systems will reset the password if the jumper is removed completely.
  Turn the computer on. After booting, the BIOS password should be cleared. Turn the computer back off and replace the jumper to its original position. Replace the case and the computer is ready to be used again.

10 Ways to Make Your Laptop Run Faster

  1.  Start with a disk cleanup.  There are several ways to access this, but one is to click on the Start Program>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup.  This will allow you to delete temporary Internet Files, Offline Files, the recycling bin, and other types of unnecessary files. 
  2. Through the Control Panel, go to Internet Tools and delete cookies and history.  This can take several minutes if it hasn’t been done in awhile.
  3. Disk Defragment.  You can access this the same way as a disk cleanup, but select disk defragmenter instead.  Many programs allow you to schedule a time to do this application, as it can take several minutes or several hours depending on how much work is to be done. 
  4. Malware or Spyware are big offenders of slowing down laptops.  Installing and running an anti-malware or anti-virus program and running it regularly will often times make a tremendous difference. 
  5. Check your power management by accessing the Control Panel.  Select power management and then Maximum or Best Performance.  If you use your battery pack rather than being plugged in it will drain quickly, but will give you optimal speed. 
  6. From the Control Panel, go to Add or Remove programs.  Remove programs that you know you are not using.  This can be a daunting task, since some programs affect others, and therefore you may want to know what’s important before you remove it.
  7. Check the memory usage of your computer.   You may need to add more random access memory (RAM) to store memory, rather than using disk space that is slower in all cases.
  8. Consider using registry software cleaner or repair program.  There are many good ones out there such as or  These will identify and repair problems within the registry.
  9. New computers that use Windows Vista can be slowed down by excess animation.  It is possible to turn it off by going to the Control Panel>System and Maintenance>Performance Information and Tools>Advanced Tools.  Then select Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows.  The Performance Options box will prompt, and if you select Custom, then uncheck Animate Windows when Maximazing and Minimizing.  You can consider other options as well, but this definitely pep it up.
  10. Use an external hard drive to store all music, photos and games.  It can be unplugged and used with multiple computers, and will save valuable space.
These ten tips are proven ways to get that computer moving and prevent untimely frustration.  By utilizing some or all, you will be optimizing your system and working efficiently.  

How to hide data behind the images !!!!!!

There are some important files or document you want to hide from others on your computer. To do that you might be creating folder inside folder to hide such files but in todays tutorial i will change this by teaching you a interesting trick to hide files behind images.To hide a file behind a image means that if any one opens that image he will see the image, but to see the hidden file we need to open that image in a specific way. So lets get started.

How To Hide File Behind Image ?
In order to do this you should have basic understanding of command line, but if you don't know check out tutorial given below.

Video Tutorial On Basic Terminal Commands
1. Select an image to be used for hiding file behind the image.
2. Now select a file to hide behind the image and make it in .RAR format. With the help of the WinRAR.
3. And most important is that paste both the files on desktop. You may do this anywhere instead of desktop if you have some basic understanding of command line.
4. Now open cmd by going to Start > Accessories > Command Prompt and type following commands in it.
cd desktop

5. CD stands for change directory by typing above command you change your directory to desktop. After that type command given below.

Copy /b imagename.jpg + filename.rar finalimage.jpg

Replace imagename.jpg with the name of image you want your file to be hidden behind. Don't forget to add image format (Eg: .jpg,.png,.gif)
Replace filename with name of your file you want to hide. It must be in .rar format.
Finally Replace finalimage.jpg with whatever name you want your final image with hidden files should be. This is the image where your file will be hidden.

6. Now when you will try to open this newly created image it will open as normal image, but to open you hidden file you need follow steps given below.

How To Access Hidden File ?
To access your hidden file you need to open the newly created image in winrar. Just follow simple steps given below to do that.

1. Open winrar
2. Now locate your image and open it or simply drag your image in winrar.

3. Extract the file and done.